Niagara Canada

Niagara Canada

Niagara Canada

My visit to Ontario Canada was exciting and very informative. I have a friend named Shirley Holdesho that showed me around to some of her favorite sites. I didn?t think that there was going to be a lot to see in Canada but I soon found out that I was completely wrong. Shirley gave me some enlightenment on what her and her family likes to do.

We first went to the Butterfly Conservatory. It is in the grounds of the Niagara Botanical Gardens. It is the home to one of the North Americas largest collection of free flying butterflies. This time of year it exhibits showcases a wide variety of butterflies from around the world living in lush, rain forest like environment.

The Butterfly Conservatory features a 183m network of pathways that provide access for the physically challenged throughout the 1,022 square meter conservatory, allowing us to watch numerous species of butterflies floating among nectar producing flowers. They are open everyday except for Christmas. She told me that the Butterfly Park is one of Niagara?s premier and most popular attractions.

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