The Republic of Bulgaria

A key factor in how Eastern Europe agrees with one another lies in the hands of Bulgaria. This country is centrally located between the countries of Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, and Romania. The Black Sea is on the eastern side of the country providing easy trade routes to the east. Bulgaria gained Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878(world book). It was on the losing side of both world wars and was under communist rule until 1991. The reason for no long-term settlement has been the wars that continue to plague the area, even today. Eventhough the wars today do not include Bulgaria, their economy is greatly affected by any outbreak in the region. The Yugoslavia war in 1997 put Bulgaria?s economy in a hard downfall that they are just now getting out of.
Bulgaria is located on the Balkan Peninsula. It covers an area of 110,994 (km2). It currently has a population of 8,210,650 million people (World Book). This number plays a big part in the economic conditions of the country. Bulgaria?s statistical data for the economic year of 2000 is as follows:
GDP: 34.9 Billion US$
GDP per Capita:

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