DBQ (Manifest Destiny)

DBQ (Manifest Destiny)

For almost 100 years since its birth, U.S. foreign policy was based on expanding westward, protecting U.S. interests, and limiting foreign influence in the Americas. However after the development of a huge industrial economy, U.S. started to focus on the rest of the world. This happened because it needed worldwide markets for its agricultural and industrial surpluses, as well as raw materials for manufacturing. However it was also fueled by a feeling of imperialism that few Americans had before 1890s.

A good example of this new expansionism was a concept called International Darwinism. Many people accepted the theory that U.S. had to be the strongest and acquire other territories overseas. They extended the idea of Manifest Destiny to the rest of the world. Josiah Strong wrote “The Anglo-Saxon race will be of the largest liberty, the purest Christianity, the highest civilization?will spread itself over the earth.” Many Americans were also afraid of competition from other nations. Britain, France, Germany, Russian, and even Japan were all “grabbing” and taking over weaker countries in Africa and the Pacific Ocean. Some people in the U.S. believed that they too had to compete or it will fail to survive.

Americas feelings toward expansionism were

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