Day In Infamy

Day In Infamy

Day of Infamy examines what is possibly the most remembered day in American history.

Author Walter Lord recounts the days and weeks leading up to the Japanese attack of Pearl

Harbor though the eyes of the people closest to the action. Through his personal interviews with

survivors from the United States Armed Forces, and the citizens living on the island Oahu, as

well as research from the archives or recorded Japanese history concerning this historic date,

Lord attempts to present Sunday, December 7, 1941 from the humanistic side. His personal

interviews have lent much insight as to what it was like for both sides in the days and weeks

leading up to and through the attack. Lord attempts to bring the reader into the drama by

including the smallest details as they were recalled to him by the officers, enlisted men, citizens

and bystanders of both Pearl Harbor and the island of Oahu. He attempts to convey to the reader

that, contrary to some public opinion, the attack might not have been a total surprise as there may

have been some warning signs during the weeks and days leading up to December 7, 1941.

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