Cleopatra was a great ruler of Egypt, Beauty icon as well as a

shrewd and clever politician. Why was Cleopatra one of the most famous

women of all times and a Great ruler of the Ptolemaic period Cleopatra lived

from 69-30 BC: she was born in 69 BC in Alexandria which was then the

capital of Egypt. She took the throne at the age of 17 or 18. I felt that she was

an excellent queen, and accomplished many great things in her life she

was ambitious and also very clever. She was highly intelligent and a

sagacious politician. Her relationship with Jullius Cesar Brought on an alliance

between Rome and Egypt and also helped her regain her throne and the

relationship between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony kept Egypt independent.

Cleopatra was highly intelligent and a shrewd politician She spoke

nine languages and. Cleopatra was Macedonian

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