Lowering The Drinking Age

Lowering The Drinking Age

When it comes to lowering the drinking age there is much debate about this because some people think that 18 year olds are not mature enough. The government is talking about making the drinking age 19 years old. Everybody knows that once you get into college that your more than likely are going to drink at least a couple of times. Even President Bush?s daughters have gotten into trouble with drinking under the age of 21. There is a higher incidence of binge drinking and alcohol poisoning among this same age group.

After Prohibition, nearly all states restricting youth access to alcohol designated 21 at the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA). In the early 70?s, 29 states lowered the MLDA to 18, 19, or 20. This occurred when 18 year olds were allowed to vote (American Medical Association). In 1987, the United States Government decided to raise the legal drinking age to the age of 21. This causes a lot of controversy with the states. South Dakota was the last state to raise the drinking age to 21 because if the state of South Dakota didn?t comply with the government than the government was going to take away our road maintanance

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