Latin America

Latin America

U.S. Policies toward Latin America

Throughout the years, Latin America has been a region of the world extremely important
to United States foreign policy. Due to its close proximity to the United States, many events that
occur in Latin America directly influence the United States everyday life. Over the next few
years, I believe that America needs to make several issues a priority towards Latin America. Most importantly, I believe that the United States needs to continue their support of the Colombian government. For many years now, America has declared a war on drugs, and for the most part, Colombia is root of this problem. Secondly, the U.S. needs to work on an agreement with Mexico concerning illegal immigration into the U.S. These illegal immigrants are not only hurting our economy, but also effecting the citizens in the areas of high concentration of illegal immigrants. Finally, I believe that the United States needs to try to improve their relationship with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. It is important that we improve trading relations with Venezuela, but also try to make sure that his Fifth Republic Movement does not become too autocratic.
Before Americas war on terrorism, the United States had decided to declare

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