Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

World History

The Lifestyle of Ancient Rome

The lifestyle of the ancient Romans was one in which personal comfort, pleasure and style were very important. The Romans developed traditions and a comfortable lifestyle to fit with their concept of family and community. The ancient Romans had an appreciation for hard work, practical thinking and discipline. Although they were sensible people, they had a desire for comfort and pleasure.
The Roman Empire included different people from all different cultures. They formed a society that worked together with very defined motivations. Despite the fact that their city was designed to be productive, they also designed it to be entertaining. They were remarkable builders. Their roads were superbly built and designed to enhance transportation for business and for leisure.
Rome was the core of their kingdom. All business and government was conducted there. Rome bustled with people, markets and shops, homes and apartments, beautiful temples and public buildings. Entertainment was very important to the Romans and Rome supplied that also. They celebrated state holidays; they frequented the theater, races, and sporting events.
Rome was divided into two classes of people ? patricians and plebeians. The Patricians or ?protective fathers ? were the privileged group of

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