Urban Transportation

Urban Transportation

Urban transportation

The development of urban transportation has not changed with the cities; cities have changed with transportation. In the early years of transportation it was the mass transit of horse and buggies or electric rail cars that shaped cities. Then as the automobile became affordable to the public, personal transportation redefined the city as it was known. It is the automobile and the movement to the suburbs that has public transportation a buggy. Now four to six people could be carried at one time. These horse and struggling to make money today.

The very first transportation was with the horse. Then someone came up with the idea to pair a horse up with buggies began to be common sight in cities and public transportation was born. Before the horse and buggy people were confined to the distance they could walk, so cities could not grow much. People lived in the central business district because that is where they worked. Now with the simple horse and buggy, people that can afford the transportation can move a mile or two out of the central city (Guathier 174).

The big explosion of growth and increased ridership came at the turn of the century. The cause

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