Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence

In the new world of America there was the United Colonies, which was

being controlled by Great Britain. The Colonies had been treated not as equals

but as the under dogs. They taxed heavily on almost everything, sugar, glass,

paper and tea. All of these were things that the colonist depended on for their

everyday life?s. But the Colonist didn?t stand for taxation with out representation

in Parliament. So there was protest held against the taxing of goods that were

regulated by Great Britain. Soon congress would speak out against not being

independent of Great Britain. Richard Henry Lee made a speech in congress

in 1776, he stated that ?these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be free

and independent states?. Many congressmen hoped that Great Britain would

cooperate with there right of independence. But others knew that Great Britain

would never give that right , they also knew the war had already begun. So there

was a need for a declaration to declare independence.

Know the time had come for the people of Colonies to write what they

had desired for. There was committee

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