The past one hundred years have been very interesting in the United

States. The United States has advanced quicker and more progressive than

any other country. It wasnt an easy journey though. Society in the

beginning was harsh and uncomprimising. The zeitgeist at times was very

bleak and sorrowful, but overcoming hard times is what the United States

is best at. The following pages will describe how major events in our history

shaped our society today and how we live.

After World War I, unemployment and inflation sky rocketed. The

Army discharged six hundred thousand soldiers still in training camps and

Navy brought AEF soldiers home from France. The soldiers were hustled

back into civilian life. This now created thousands of men with families

jobless. Women who did have jobs while the men were off fighting, lost their

jobs to returning soldiers. The cost of goods such as food and clothing

more than doubled over prewar rates. African Americans thought that their

contribution to fighting and home fronts would get them better treatment.

They soon found out that nobody was too eager to offer them that. Race

riots erupted in twenty six towns.

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