Movie Review Insomnia

Movie Review:Insomnia

Movie Review: Insomnia

The movie Insomnia, staring Stellan Skarsgard, is directed by Erik Skjoldbjaerg, a Norwegian director. The story is of a Swedish detective that travels to northern Norway to investigate a murder of a young girl. While chasing the killer the detective accidentally shoots and murders his partner and covers it up to look as if the killer had committed another crime. The film deals with themes such as corruption and guilt.
The setting of this movie is northern Norway during the summer time, so throughout the entire movie it is constantly light. All through the movie the detective is never seen sleeping and struggles with the fact that the brightness bothers him, as well as the pressure of his job. The sun seems to be symbolic in a sense that it is always out and for the detective he is always reminded of the work he does and the accident he made in killing his partner. But the fact that the movie takes place in the land of the midnight sun really represents northern Scandinavia. Another thing that makes this movie unique is the area it is filmed. It captures the green

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