Ab Exercises

While fitness equipment can certainly help tone your abs, there are a variety of exercises you can do without any equipment at all. When training your abs, its a good idea to break down the abs into three areas: the upper abs (located below the chest), the lower abs (located above the belly button) and the obliques (located on the sides of the waist). Never sacrifice form for added repetitions. Its preferable to perform ab exercises slowly and correctly than training too quickly, which reduces the exercises impact as well as increases the risk of injury. Remember that whenever you feel any unusual pain while working out, stop exercising immediately and consult a physician. The old axiom No Pain, No Gain can be a fallacy. So whenever you feel pain during an exercise, dont try to work through the pain.

The crunch
The crunch is the most fundamental exercise for the abs. Crunches should be done on a flat surface to protect your lower back from potential strain or injury. Many people use a mat or pad for additional comfort. To perform a proper crunch, lie flat on your back with a slight bend in your knees and your feet

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