Gay Presense On Tv

Gay Presense On Tv

The Portrayal of Homosexual Men on Television Shows Such As; Six Feet Under, Will and Grace & Queer as Folk.

1. What do I want to learn about gay television shows Why do I want to compare the shows that I chose
I would like to learn when the first gay couple was shown on television and the controversy it caused (if any). I think it will be very interesting to learn about the background of television and when they allowed the portrayal of gay and or lesbians on television because it is very common and not so un heard of today. I want to compare the shows that I listed above because I feel that each show has had a great impact on televisions portrayal of gay and or lesbian relationships. I also feel that these shows have paved the way for those who are embarrassed or uncomfortable with their sexuality to feel somewhat more comfortable in that people who are just like them (by means of their sexual preference) are on television and right in our living rooms.
2. Why I want to learn about gay and lesbian television shows
I want to learn more about these shows because I think

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