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Texas State Agencies Back in the days where parents were involved in there childrens lives and worry free of any abuse of substances, abuse/neglect to the children or deficiancies in the children, there was no need for any state agencies to control and help what, if anything, went on. In todays society, though, there is a greater need than ever for Texas State agencies to do what they do. Also, more and more people today are joining in on the conveinience and ease of the World Wide Web that provides research, help/support and facts/statistics. *From here, we can go on to research and review the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse(TCADA),

Protective and Regulatory Services(PRS) and the Texas Interagency Council on

Early Childhood(ECI). All which deal with adolescents and young children. One of the most important issues that teens and parents are battling over is the fact that alcohol can damage and even prove to be fatal if underage drinking occurs.

Kids always think they know more than their parents, growing up later in life, they learn that parents are usually the wisest people they know, but until that time, kids will be kids. Parents will

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