Technology In Film

Technology In Film

Technology in Film

Film has meant many different things to many different types of people. Cultures have been forever changed due to certain films being made. One of the things that has maintained films to stay appealing to audiences are the continuing advances in technology that keep films interesting, as well as challenge filmmakers to constantly develop new ideas. I will show how technology and the use therein contributes to film and the creative aspect that goes into producing a product that appeals to the mass public, as well as the downfalls that technology brings with it. Also how advancements in film stocks and processing techniques have brought us to the use of computer technology in films.
There are a two crucial aspects of film that technology effects, these being, production, and post-production. The easiest way that I can analyze the effect that technology has had on film, is to use an example of a particular film, to do this I will use The Matrix. This film is a great example of what can be accomplished with the advances in technology. The first and most obvious effect that technology has had on film has been the advances of cameras and

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