Buffy The Vampire Slayer Everyday Girl And Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Everyday Girl And Vampire Slayer

Rhetorical Analysis
?Buffy the Vampire Slayer?: Everyday Girl and Vampire Slayer
Many people have different beliefs about the ?supernatural world?. Several people believe that God, Satan, and even demons exist, but most people strongly believe that vampires do not exist. Joss Wheden?s interest in the ?supernatural world? is what led him to create the television series ?Buffy the Vampire Slayer?, which first aired in March of 1997. Joss Wheden created characters who must learn to live normal lives, plus deal with supernatural struggles that most people do not even realize are happening, at the same time, which is what I believe draws society to lay back and enjoy episode after episode of ?Buffy the Vampire Slayer?.
On the show, Wheden who is the creator and executive producer, turns an everyday girl, Buffy, into a Vampire Slayer. Buffy is ?The Chosen One?, ?The one with strength and skill to kill a vampire?(1). Buffy and her mother move to Sunnydale after her parents divorce due to the fact that she got kicked out of her previous school for burning down the high school?s gym, which was full of vampires. Her mother feels that her and her daughter are moving to a better town with a

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