Judgment Day

Over 5,000 years ago people wanted a greater since of all around healthy being. To achieve the health of the mind body and spirit the ancient people of India gave birth to yoga. Yoga?s purpose was to unite the mind and body together as one. Yoga focuses on helping improve ones mental and spiritual well being. In the nineteenth century, Yoga has become a popular way to exercise your mind, body and soul all at once. Meditation is one of the key ways to access one?s inner soul. Each day a meditation is taught to corporate yoga into ones everyday life as well as their free time. This allows individuals to learn clarity, insight and equanimity from the constant everyday reminders and awareness.
Many intuitions had trouble filling classes now there are plenty of waitlists. Today, more than 20 million people are interested in the practices of yoga, which has tripled the 6 million followers in 1994. Classes have formed for toddlers and teens because of the children watching their parents. The popularity boom of yoga has influenced many romances, friendships, and just a new but different way of exercise.

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