The reason I chose this topic is because my boyfriend?s daughter, who is 15 years old, is

a self-mutilator. She has been secretly doing this for about one and half years before we

found out. How we found out is that we seen the scrapes and scars on her arm. When

asked about them, at first she denied doing such a thing to herself. While I was

straightening her room one day, I came across a letter that she had written to a classmate

stating that she had cut herself with a razor blade that she had gotten from her own razor.

When confronted, Jessica had no choice but to confess to do doing such a horrible act.

She said the reasoning why she cut herself was because it relieved the pain and anger that

she had.

I wanted to learn more about this issue to see what could be done and to try and

understand why someone with doing such horrific things to themselves. What I have

learned thus far is heart-wrenching.

This topic has been one that has remained quiet for some time. Some psychologists

would claim that self-mutilation is an attention-seeking

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