National Socialism

National Socialism

Hitler?s Nazism

Adolph Hitler once said to his chief of staff Otto Wagener, ?Jewish Volk is the parasitic race among the human races. Jewry always marches as those who live as parasites-that is, who are intent on having others work for them, so that they can lead a carefree existence. This is why we must discard of them as quickly as we can, so they do not feed off of us any more? (Turner, page 205). Adolph Hitler is the main reason why the world has National Socialism. National Socialism is a form of racism, or most commonly called Nazism (Tonser, page 15).
To understand National Socialism, you first need to be aware of the history of it. The first origins of National Socialism came from the after effects of World War I. Hitler was a fierce fighter in the fighting of World War I and played a big part in the war (Encarta Encyclopedia). After the war, Germany was charged with the sole responsibility for the war. Germany?s political and economical life was seriously disrupted as a result of this. Then in 1919 the German Workers? Party was formed. Hitler did

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