Cuban Cinema

Cuban Cinema

Cinema in Cuba

The film industry changed dramatically after the revolution. Before Batista?s dictatorship was overthrown, Cuban cinema faced many difficulties. The United States had a very strong influence on the films being made, as many of the movies were actually filmed in the in the U.S.. Many Cubans found the movies being made as another country?s perspective of Cuba, and came to resent the false portrayals. The U.S. and Mexico mostly controlled everything from production to distribution of the films. Despite this, movies were still extremely popular for the Cubans that had access to them. However, those who live in rural areas did not have the option of seeing movies. The true boom for Cuban film occurred when the revolution was over and Castro had overthrown the Batista dictatorship. Three months after this occurred, the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry, also known as the ICAIC, was founded. This institute was vital for the movie industry in Cuba. Cas!
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