Emerging Counselor

Emerging Counselor

Midterm Review chapters 2, 3, & 5 ?Emerging Counselor?

A quality counselor education program
Program accreditation

Professional organizations often set up accrediting agencies to promote, evaluate, and recognize institutions and programs that meet professionally recognized criteria.

Accreditation provides programs with advantages:
-Clients will have confidence that counselor was trained
-Providing most modern training
-Seek university support-adequate levels of support (faculty-student ratios)
-Higher quality of faculty and students look for accreditation
-Allows grad students to receive a license or cert with fewer hassles
-Accreditation standards correlate to what grad programs teach so exams for licensure is easy

Strong accreditation bodies—Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs and Council on Rehabilitation Education.

Ohio University —CCOAS (Community Counseling), SC (School Counseling), and CE: PhD (Counselor Education)

Human Development and growth- how people develop, and the e impact of this on human functioning. Strong emphasis on behaviors and transitions across the full life span. Why people are the way they are at different life stages.

Cultural and social foundations- the environment surrounding people referred to as social and cultural foundations has major impact…we live in a multicultural world. This area also helps broaden your understanding of multicultural life

Helping relationship Skills and Group Work Skills- must develop relationship skills

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