Citizen Kane The Projection Room Sequence

Citizen Kane: The Projection Room Sequence

Citizen Kane Scene Analysis
The Projection Room

Low Key Lighting
Shot: In the final shot of the newsreel with Kane living in Xanadu we end up with a full screen shot of Kane as a very old man. The image of Kane remains on the screen and as the camera backs up the scene slowly changes into the dark projection room. The camera points at the editors of Rawlston Magazines, but their faces are never really seen. The room is very dark, and there is only a small light being emitted from a piece on the table and the back wall. The light is one hundred percent decisive in choosing who we get to see. The path of the light is random and constantly changing. As some time passes a silhouette is placed on the screen and the editors faces and bodies are transferred onto the screen against the slanting beams of light. The silhouetted figures give a rich dramatic mood.

Effects/Significance: Just as the audience is trying to pick out the faces of the editors in this scene, the editors are too struggling with something. Kanes death is something that they can definitely capitalize

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