Last Kiss Goodnight

Last Kiss Goodnight

The story begins with Samantha Kane a woman who woke up on a beach eight years ago with amnesia and two months pregnant. After much tribulations Samantha became a teacher and a regular mom in a small town on the east coast. She hired many expensive private investigators, but eventually she could not afford the expensive PI?s, so she decided to hirer a third rate PI by the name of Mitch Hennessy.
One night Samantha is in a horrible car accident and while she is in the hospital asleep she has her first glimpse of who she once was. In the dream Samantha looks into a mirror only to herself, however her physical appearance is different, her reflection then goes on to say her name was Charlie. Then the story states a foreboding scene were Timothy learns that Charlie is not dead.
When Samantha was released from the hospital Mitch Hennessey claims he found some of her things. A postcard stating she was engaged to a man by the name of Douglas and his address in New Jersey and the other item was her suitcase; Samantha sets out on an adventure to find out who she once was.

King 2
Once on the road

charlie, samantha, out, daughter, truck, timothy, name, goes, turns, tells, bomb, while, project, president, perkins, mitch, man, kill, gets, douglas, chemical, years, teacher, shoot, sets, screaming, once, off, need, learns, however, hospital, honeymoon, hennessy, helicopter, finds

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