Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning

Development and Middle Childhood

Cooperative Learning: Listening to how children work at school

In this study the researchers were seeking to discover the content of the communication that occurred over a period of time that a project was due. The project took place over five weeks. The students were given an assignment to create a ride for a lot that use-to host the Pacific National Exhibition.

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) will be closing permanently at
the end of the season. The exhibition has decided to relocate on a
parcel of land in the Fraser Valley. The board of executives is seeking
innovative ideas from the public to help plan their new facility.

Your class has been selected to participate in this unique
opportunity. We would like teams of students to create a new
innovative ride or redesign an existing structure.

Each submission should include research, detailed drawings, and a
simple mechanical model of your design. Please remember that space is
limited and your group will have one half of a table top to present your model.


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