Water Pollution & Conservation

Water Pollution & Conservation

Research Paper
Water and Water Pollution and Conservation in Bulgaria

The water is one of the most important substances for the survival of the people on Earth. It is also essential for every single national economy and the conditions of life of populations. In connection with the rapid development of industries especially power and water supply, the necessity of water is growing enormous. In a world of scarcity Bulgaria is among the last places of water usage per capita in Europe, nevertheless the country has very limited resources. Despite that fact the state is in leading positions of water usage per capita, again in Europe, with 454m? annually (Pf. Doncho Donchev and Pf. Hristo Karakashev, 2000).
The water resources of any given territory include under soil water, rivers, dams, marshlands, glaciers. The relief, geological structure, weather, soil, vegetation are among the main factors influencing the formation of the water, and again these conditions are the reasons why there aren?t any glaciers in Bulgaria (Pf. Doncho Donchev and Pf. Hristo Karakashev, 2000).
If the mankind wants to survive, it must prevent water pollution, which can even lead to death in some areas where the H2O is highly polluted, in regions near Power Plants, Oil Refineries

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