Evidences Of Evolution

Evidences Of Evolution

Evidences of Evolution

Student body, I have written a paper on evolution. I hope you take notice in this article and give evolution a chance. Many of you don?t believe in evolution. Well take this chance to give it another thought.
First and foremost, you have to look at structural adaptation and anatomy. There are homologous structures, what they are is structure with the same evolutionary background, but work in different ways today. And example of this would be the forelimb bone of a whale, crocodile, and a bird wing. They look the same but don?t do the same thing. Another trace of evidence is a vestigial structure. This is a body part that has no meaning today, but may have been used in earlier life forms. An example of this would be the eyes of blind mole rats. No mole rat can see, why do they have eyes then Because an earlier mole rat may have had sight. So this shows that mole rats have evolved.
Next is biochemistry. This is where life can only form from life. So this leads to the fact that life has come from life, and if the first life was very small microorganisms,

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