Forest Recreation

Forest Recreation

The Forest Recreation

Michigan has some of the best forests in the country. The forests of Michigan are used for many reasons. Whether those reasons are economical, political or recreational, the forests are always being used in some fashion. The economical and political uses of Michigan?s forest are not well understood by everyone in the state. A bet could be made that the majority of the people who live in Michigan use the forests for recreational purposes. Whether a senior citizen is taking a gander through the forest or a teenager is out riding his mountain bike, the forest is home to recreation. Ninety six state parks and six state forests provide Michigan?s residents with ample space to play. The forest provides a place to fish, hunt, run, and camp among thousands of other uses.
The people of Michigan love to camp. There are places to camp all over the state. Camping sites can be the traditional site where a tent is pitched and the wilderness surrounds you or they can be modern up to date sites with bathrooms and rec. rooms, etc. The south east, west coast and the

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