Financing Public Lands

Financing Public Lands

The purpose of this article is to analyze the positive and negative aspects of the recreational Fee Demonstration Program used for financing the management of public lands in the United States.

I. There are many opinions regarding the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program.
II. Public lands management history
A. National Park Service
B. U.S. Forest Service
C. U.S. Fish and Wildlife
D. State Parks
E. Recreational Fee Demonstration Program
III. Public rights versus Public opinion.
A. Strong support opposing fee program.
B. Visitors not opposed to program.
IV. Current funding for public lands and its flaws.
A. Public lands are currently funded from taxes, fees, and concessions.
B. These sources create flaws in management practices.
V. How can fee program change poor management of public lands
A. Past management of public lands has proven to be inconsistent.
B. The Recreational Fee Demonstration Program address some of these problems.
There are many opinions regarding the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program. Federal and state agencies started managing public lands in the early 1900?s. There has been much debate on how these agencies should be financed. Until recently most of the incoming revenue had come from taxes, fees, and outside concessions.

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