Inegrating Technology And Education

Inegrating Technology And Education

Leggett, Karen (2001). ?World Wide Instruction?Using the web to enhance instruction? eSchool News, p25-26;28,30-31.

This article discusses an innovative approach to teaching subjects. This approach is called project based learning. Project based learning allows students to study subjects such as the American Revolution through the internet. An internet program called Classroom Connect is an example of project based learning. For instance, a student is able to send other students informative postcards of a Minuteman. Online discussions are also encouraged?with students in a different school, or even state! Classroom Connect also offers activities such as a virtual tour of Philadelphia, or maybe even a war game where students command the continental army. This relates closely to the NCSS curriculum theme #8?Science, Technology and Society. This is a way of managing technology?the internet. I believe that using the internet in this

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