Education In The United States

Education In The United States

After the September 11, attacks of terrorism, Americans have changed their way of living. People

of America are more causious as to what they do. The september 11 terrorists attacks struck home to many

people. The people of this country look at the United States and see a whole different country that has

changed for the good. These times are good times for our country. Good times in which we can reflect on

our losses and our strengths as well. These are the times to fight back with twice the force than before, in

hope that the terrorists will get the message that the United States is a better country. A better country

because we didnt start this war on terrorism. A better country because we accept everyone of different

culture, color and gender. President Bush spoke to the nation and said, “the men and women of the United

States military are doing their duty with skill and success. We have ruined terrorist training camps,

disrupted their communications, weakened the Taliban military and destroyed most of their air

defenses”(Bush e). Bush has addressed many different issues that have affected

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