Elizabethan Social Structure

Elizabethan Social Structure

During the Elizabethan time period, there was a hint of foreshadowing. The

Elizabethans, much like today, were broken down into social classes. However, the

class you were born in is the class you were to remain for the rest of your life. In order

to understand the things they had to live with, such as the clothes they wore, the sports

they played, and the education they received, you must first understand how their

society worked. They were broken down into three classes, first were the nobles,

second were the middle class, and last were the peasants. In Elizabethan England the

way of life was chosen according to your social standpoint.

Even though the peasants were at the bottom of the “social ladder”, many would

be surprised to know that they were quite happy with the lives that they led. The

in one small village for their entire lives, and worked the land owned by the nobleman of

the area (“social” 1). Their clothing was extremely limited and designed for practicality.

Peasants usually wore the same style of clothing as the nobles, but the peasants

clothing was made from much coarser materials. The

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