Eulogy Paper

Eulogy Paper

In Memory of Angela Hewitt

We have all gathered together on this day to remember the dearest and funniest person around. Angela Hewitt was a compassionate person with a very loyal heart. She was the only one I knew that would stop doing what ever she was doing ,whether it would be yoga, driving, chasing run away bubbles??anything in that matter and help someone out. Now I remind you that this person could be a total stranger and not look too trust – worthy but she wouldn?t care. She would take the time to help them as much as she could, even if she had to find someone else to help farther. Angie wouldn?t stop till she knew that person was safe.

Angela had so many names that told about her personality and life it was hard to keep them all straight and not to think that she was a little crazy for liking them all ( laugh). Lets recap, there was the obvious ones like Angel, Sunshine, Giggles, Angie, and of course Blondie, But then there were ones that only her close friends called her like: Diva ( for her devotion and talent for acting); Emerald, ( for

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