Washington Irving And Romanticism

Washington Irving And Romanticism

Romanticism and Washington Irving

The nineteenth century in American literature was developed by many talented American writers. One writer that especially stands out from any other is Washington Irving. Irving, a native of New York, helped sculpt American literature and romanticism in the 1800s by using his own upbringing in the United States, history, and literary imagery as utensils to write some of the worlds most famous short stories and novels. He has been named the father of the American short story, ambassador to Spain, and the first American to make a living solely based on writing. Apart from his worldly fame he was also very typical of a short story author during his time.
Washington Irving was born in New York City on April 3, 1783. Irving?s background as a native New Yorker helped him write A History of New York about Dutch immigrants living in early New York. Not only were his stories centralized in New York City, Many stories were set outside the city in the upstate parts of New York State. The story of ?The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? was portrayed in the lower Hudson river valley. Irving felt that the area was a very beautiful

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