Areas of Negligence Must be Addressed in the Educational Env

Areas of Negligence Must be Addressed in the Educational Environment

Accusations of negligence in the school setting have been, and continue to be, a problem in the educational system of the United States. While negligence affect students, parents, teachers, and support staff, the issue should genuinely concern administrators, who need to be focusing on the education of students rather than defending the teachers and their schools in a court of law. Legal records show that the term ?educational malpractice? was first utilized in 1977 (Donohue v. Copiagugue Union School District, 1977). While accusations of negligence do not always determine a teacher is guilty of educational malpractice, the fear of this possibility should have administrators on their toes. If administrators are not aware of what constitutes negligence, they have little hope of having a staff that is aware and practicing safe habits and routines at all times during the school day. While some aspects of teaching rely heavily on common sense to avoid student injuries, not all teachers understand how their presence in a classroom could avoid a lawsuit. Very few educators in Indiana, if any, are required to take an education law class before earning teaching certificates. Due to this, administrators must lead the way to safer buildings,

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