The Evolution Of Mickey Mouse

The Evolution Of Mickey Mouse

The Evolution of Mickey Mouse

According to John Updike, Mickey Mouse has become ? the most persistent and pervasive figment of American popular culture in this century.? I was curious what had led this cartoon mouse to become the icon of Americanism that he is today. Over time, Mickey has changed into an ideal, an exemplification of Americana. Most characters have both good and bad qualities, virtues and vices, this is what makes them human, what allows us to relate, but Mickey has no downfalls, he remains ?the perfect gentleman.? Mickey?s evolutions, both physical and characteristic, have helped him to become the icon he is today.
Mickey Mouse was born in 1928 on a train ride from New York to the West Coast. Walt Disney an animator who had just lost the rights to his creation Oswald the Rabbit and needed a new character. He remembered the field mice that used to live in his studio and so it was that Walt Disney created one of the world?s most familiar and beloved characters. The original Mickey, however, was not the same mouse that today?s children adore. Wearing only shorts and shoes with a long tail behind, he

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