Ancient Roman And Athenian Women

Ancient Roman And Athenian Women

Roman and Athenian Women

Equality in the ancient republic Rome and Athens, where was most famous city state of Ancient Greece was not the same as it is today. In ancient Rome (1.2) and Athenian women (1.1) were not looked upon as equals. By comparison today woman rights, Athenian and Roman woman only a small step above slaves. They could have very little rights. They were considered to be secondary in relation to men. They were always controlled by man and their duties defined as to bear children and to manage to house hold. There are a lot of similarities between two societies, because Roman society borrowed heavilly from that of the Greeks. Before Rome was founded, there were a number of Greek colonies in Sicily and Southern Italy. As a result of this close contact with the Greeks,the early Romans picked up a great amount of ideas of the Greek language and traditions. Although there are similarities between the Roman and Athenian woman, there are notable and fundamental differences. Their civil and economic rights are different from each other. Unlike the Athenian woman, the Roman woman had more freedom than Athens.

Athenian and Roman woman could have very little rights. They

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