Europe, 1914 ? 1930 Upheaval And Change

Europe, 1914 ? 1930: Upheaval And Change

The years of 1914-1930, spanning World War I and the Great Depression, no doubt changed the world. The great nations of Europe were up heaved both socially and economically. Change permeated every aspect of life. As a result, great experiments in social order took place. In some instances, history has proved them successful. Others proved dismal failures. For the purposes of this discussion, the focus will be on the economic and technological changes and social changes in Great Britain and Russia/USSR as demonstrative socio-political archetypes.
Before we can discuss change, we must know what existed before, what was there to change. Great Britain and Russia were both monarchies before 1914. However, Great Britain had switched to a constitutional monarchy where the monarch was little more than a figurehead and answered to Parliament while the Russia?s Tsar was more of an absolute monarch. The Tsar had advisors, but was not legally bound to follow their advice. Both Great Britain and Russia were empires. Russia covered much of Eastern Europe and the areas commonly referred to as Eurasia and the Middle East today. Great Britain was composed of the primary islands

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