Causes Of World War 1

Causes Of World War 1

Causes Of World War One Essay

World war one, also recognized as ?The Great War?, is commonly referred to as the most influential and major occurrence throughout twentieth century history. World War One produced a massive loss of life, which led to a vast genetic loss on a European front and also changed the balance of power as America became dominant over Europe. The tragedy of World War One impacted society then and through to today, changing people?s perception of war duty and patriotism.

A severe grab for colonies, an aggressive arms race, a desire for French revenge against Germany and intense nationalism throughout European countries primarily caused World War One.

28th June 1914. A date in history that holds massive significance in relation to World War One (WWI). The assassination of the Austria?Hungarian heir to the throne in Sarajevo, sparked the twentieth century conflict. However, it was the international issues and influences post this devastating event that provided the building blocks for an apprehensive Europe.

The underlying causes of WWI can be traced back to the late 1700?s when the Industrial Revolution started to revolutionize European society. The Industrial Revolution changed the European lifestyle, particularly work related, from agriculture into an

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