The Importance Of Writing Well

The Importance Of Writing Well

Although there are many practical reasons to think about why it is important for me to learn to write well, I also have strong motives to believe that learning to do it help people to get a more developed emotional intelligence. For instance, to do well on class papers or get a better job are some of the convenient reasons of which I can muse while giving love and being loved are, in fact, romantic reasons to be considered. Since my writing practices have been quite narrow, practicing writing as much as possible is something crucial in order to become a better writer.

It is obvious that someone like me has many incentives to learn to write well, most of which are frequently related to my daily life. These motivations can be, for example, the necessities of doing well on class papers and getting a better job. Furthermore, I need to write correctly in order to be understood without any problem, I mean, it is easier to avoid misunderstandings. In addition, writing well is necessary because, in that way, I am able to register my experiences, buy what I precisely want, persuade and convince people, complain efficiently about something or someone,

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My View on Tution Cost

My View on Tution Cost

English Composition 1
?My views on tuition cost.?
In a country that compensates the educated, lies an almost gross oxymoron; you need a fortune to make a fortune, relatively speaking. With the cost of college continuing to rise out of proportion with that of inflation, it is no wonder why some people do not or even cannot afford, in some cases a higher education. According to Lucia Solorzano, ?Since federal aid has not kept pace with inflation, colleges have found they must pick up the slack, so they are raising tuition.? (Solorzano 3) It is my personal belief that we need legislation to regulate tuitions. Some colleges, through their ?name-brand? status, have the power to charge ridiculous sums of money. With the cost of some 4 year programs at as high as thirty three thousand dollars a year, I think its time for some serious action. (Davis 1) Schools should see incoming students as the future of our nation, rather than a cash crop to be harvested.
I believe if the government was to incorporate a policy limiting institution?s profits, such as a maximum percent added to the operating cost, then they can set a ?fair? tuition price.

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European History Identifications

European History Identifications


1. Friedrich Nietzsche ? (1844-199); German philosopher; challenged the belief in progress and the general faith in the rational human mind; believed that Western civilization had lost its creativity and decayed into mediocrity; condemned political democracy and greater social equality
2. Jean Paul Sartre ? (1905-1980); French existentialist; believed that humans simply exist and did not believe in God, reason, and progress
3. existentialism ? philosophy that basically said God did not exist and human existence as unexplainable; came of age in France during the years immediately followed World War II; terrible conditions of the war reinforced the existential view of life
4. Albert Schweitzer ? (1875-1965); theologian who wrote Quest of the Historical Jesus; argued that Christ while on earth was a completely natural man whose teachings had been only temporary rules to prepare himself and his disciples for the end of the world
5. Soren Kierkegaard – (1813-1855); Danish religious philosopher; ideas were extremely influential, rejected formalistic religious and denounced the worldliness of the Danish Lutheran church; eventually resolved his person anguish over his imperfect nature by making a total religious commitment to a remote and majestic God
6. Karl Barth ? (1886-1968); Swish Protestant theologian; similar ideas to Kierkegaard; his influential writings sought to re-create the religious intensity

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Eulogy Paper

Eulogy Paper

In Memory of Angela Hewitt

We have all gathered together on this day to remember the dearest and funniest person around. Angela Hewitt was a compassionate person with a very loyal heart. She was the only one I knew that would stop doing what ever she was doing ,whether it would be yoga, driving, chasing run away bubbles??anything in that matter and help someone out. Now I remind you that this person could be a total stranger and not look too trust – worthy but she wouldn?t care. She would take the time to help them as much as she could, even if she had to find someone else to help farther. Angie wouldn?t stop till she knew that person was safe.

Angela had so many names that told about her personality and life it was hard to keep them all straight and not to think that she was a little crazy for liking them all ( laugh). Lets recap, there was the obvious ones like Angel, Sunshine, Giggles, Angie, and of course Blondie, But then there were ones that only her close friends called her like: Diva ( for her devotion and talent for acting); Emerald, ( for

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Areas of Negligence Must be Addressed in the Educational Env

Areas of Negligence Must be Addressed in the Educational Environment

Accusations of negligence in the school setting have been, and continue to be, a problem in the educational system of the United States. While negligence affect students, parents, teachers, and support staff, the issue should genuinely concern administrators, who need to be focusing on the education of students rather than defending the teachers and their schools in a court of law. Legal records show that the term ?educational malpractice? was first utilized in 1977 (Donohue v. Copiagugue Union School District, 1977). While accusations of negligence do not always determine a teacher is guilty of educational malpractice, the fear of this possibility should have administrators on their toes. If administrators are not aware of what constitutes negligence, they have little hope of having a staff that is aware and practicing safe habits and routines at all times during the school day. While some aspects of teaching rely heavily on common sense to avoid student injuries, not all teachers understand how their presence in a classroom could avoid a lawsuit. Very few educators in Indiana, if any, are required to take an education law class before earning teaching certificates. Due to this, administrators must lead the way to safer buildings,

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England and France

England and France

England and France had many similar economic, social and political structures. Both of these countries were built on territorial expansion and many times both of these countries warred against each other. Due to their proximity, England and France interacted closely with each other, influencing each other?s ways of life.
During the early 1600?s both France and England had established colonies in the New World. The English dealt mainly in trade and the French often dealt with furs. These colonies brought in a large amount of income for both countries, helping feed the rift that existed between the lower and upper classes.
The upper classes weren?t the only ones in France and England angling for cash; the royalty was also looking for money. How these rulers conducted their search would eventually create the difference in their ruling tactics. In England the king used threats and violence to get taxes from his noblemen. These noblemen in turn created safeguards that they hoped would protect them from the king?s search for money. These safeguards took form as the Parliament. England?s way of governing came to be known as ?Parliamentary Monarchy?.
France?s ruling system,

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We Thought The Ball Was Juiced. The Effects Of Steroid Use

We Thought The Ball Was Juiced. The Effects Of Steroid Use In Baseball

We all thought the ball was juiced
1. With the World Series ending last week all of baseballs many problems got pushed back into the closet once again without any resolutions. During the heated negotiations of labor dispute from this summer the problem of steroid use came to a head when two former all-stars came out and stated that steroid use in professional baseball is rampant. They admitted that they used the banned substance. Not only did these allegations hurt the integrity of the game that millions of fans support annually, but the negative effect that is passed down to the youth. The impressionable youth now think to become a professional they have to use steroids without knowing all the negative side effects. Still yet we see many baseball players looking more like professional body builders than the prototypical average sized athlete. Not saying all of the 235 pound baseball players are juicing, but it does lead to some suspicion of steroid use. Steroids are a dangerous price to pay not only for the player, the integrity of the game and the youth of the beloved national past time.
2. What would posses professional athletes to the brink of

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Are You Telling Me What to Wear

Are You Telling Me What to Wear

Quality education is critical to the future of America?s children. However, we cannot educate our children in schools where weapons, gang violence, and drugs, threaten their safety. Many local school districts have made uniforms an important part of an overall program to improve school safety and discipline. Students resort to violence and theft simply to obtain designer clothes or name brand shoes. This instills a fear among the students and teachers. It is no secret that violent behavior has become a problem in public schools. For this reason more and more public schools are entertaining the idea of uniforms to get the minds of their students off of fashion and onto their education.
Many parents and students support the uniform issue because they feel it makes all the students equal in the eyes of their peers and teachers. However, many parents feel that just like installing metal detectors, uniforms are a simplistic solution to a far greater problem. Some experts believe uniforms promise to cut down crime and reduce violence, but only if we take away that students individuality and freedom of expression. What does this promise Uniforms have been used in an effort to try and reduce crime, and

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Elizabethan Social Structure

Elizabethan Social Structure

During the Elizabethan time period, there was a hint of foreshadowing. The

Elizabethans, much like today, were broken down into social classes. However, the

class you were born in is the class you were to remain for the rest of your life. In order

to understand the things they had to live with, such as the clothes they wore, the sports

they played, and the education they received, you must first understand how their

society worked. They were broken down into three classes, first were the nobles,

second were the middle class, and last were the peasants. In Elizabethan England the

way of life was chosen according to your social standpoint.

Even though the peasants were at the bottom of the “social ladder”, many would

be surprised to know that they were quite happy with the lives that they led. The

in one small village for their entire lives, and worked the land owned by the nobleman of

the area (“social” 1). Their clothing was extremely limited and designed for practicality.

Peasants usually wore the same style of clothing as the nobles, but the peasants

clothing was made from much coarser materials. The

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Washington Irving And Romanticism

Washington Irving And Romanticism

Romanticism and Washington Irving

The nineteenth century in American literature was developed by many talented American writers. One writer that especially stands out from any other is Washington Irving. Irving, a native of New York, helped sculpt American literature and romanticism in the 1800s by using his own upbringing in the United States, history, and literary imagery as utensils to write some of the worlds most famous short stories and novels. He has been named the father of the American short story, ambassador to Spain, and the first American to make a living solely based on writing. Apart from his worldly fame he was also very typical of a short story author during his time.
Washington Irving was born in New York City on April 3, 1783. Irving?s background as a native New Yorker helped him write A History of New York about Dutch immigrants living in early New York. Not only were his stories centralized in New York City, Many stories were set outside the city in the upstate parts of New York State. The story of ?The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? was portrayed in the lower Hudson river valley. Irving felt that the area was a very beautiful

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