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Liberals and conservatives
Liberals and conservatives are essential to the workings of representative democracies. Liberals are represented by the Democratic Party and are called the left wing. Conservatives are represented by the Republican Party and are called the right wing. Although we cannot always detect clear differences between the two, conservatives and liberals both offer different views about the role of government. These differences are most clearly demonstrated by their views on issues such as education, taxes, public health care, the environment, and national defense.
Conservatives and liberals disagree about where education dollars should be spent. The liberal belief is that public education efforts and money should be directed towards public schools. Liberals believe that the worst thing one can do to help public schools is to take money and quality students away from poor performing schools and give it to private schools (?Issue Contrast: Education? 1). On the other hand, conservatives believe that federal money should be granted to state and local governments in the form of vouchers. They also believe that the solution to the problem of poor performing

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