Constuction Scope

Constuction Scope


The project is a northern extension of National Avenue, which would connect 54th Street to Benson Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD. With the nearest unblocked routes traveling north and south being I-229 to the east of the project, and Cliff Avenue to the west of the project, the National Avenue addition would allow current traffic another route. Another proponent of the road is to provide future industrial development of the land between
Storm Sewer Design Procedure
1) Conduct a drainage study to determine the maximum flow for the project in
order to determine design parameters.
2) Determine the size of the pipe required and the size of the inlet.
3) Determine lowest elevation along the project in order to place the inlet.
4) Make sure all elements of the design comply with current Sioux Fall design standards.
5) Prepare specifications and drawings.

Sanitary Sewer Design Procedure
1) Determine the size of pipe needed to service the surrounding industrial zoned area.
2) Design the proposed sanitary sewer to match the existing inverts.
3) Make sure the size, stubs, and material of the pipe comply with current Sioux Falls industrial zoning regulations.
4) Prepare specifications and drawings.

Water Main Design Procedure
1) Determine pipe sizing and the number of stubs required based on the proposed future water need

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