At a time when the economy of the United States is up and down frequently, planning years into the future is difficult to do. When a community decides to under take a ring road project the effects are large. This type of project defiantly has effects on population growth and economic development, however, over planning as well as over spending can be common problems. The political leaders in Tazewell and Woodford counties are trying to develop a plan that will satisfy all the needs of the community.
The ring road in Tazewell and Woodford counties is defiantly a need improve to the road system in the area. When comparing this project in downstate Illinois to one in the Chicago suburbs it is important to keep the project in perspective. The number of people in the Chicago area will always exceed the number of people in Tazewell and Woodford, therefore, the comparison is not exactly the best to make. Also, the downstate ring road is not expected to be the only route of traffic. Everyone in the area will not use the road everyday but will instead use alternative routes. The ring road in

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